Saturday, December 25, 2010

My ART Critics

Amirthalingam's work

Basically i am an art lover.Our nation is rich as far as any forms of arts are concerned.
The arts i means here is Fine arts it consist of both visual arts and performing arts.

The December-chennai is not just cool it is more chill for music lovers,That will make all music lovers cheer-up.December music seasons is very special, that too one happen to be in chennai..The music lovers from the globe visits here for this festival...not just lovers but the performers too fly from far distances like US,Canada,europe chennai.Tamilnadu.

I see many people of indian orgin from USA visit here to perform.That shows they need to be intact with our own culture..though i saw many performers seems still a learner but curious to perform on stage.This happenings- becuase,we lost the touch of our Gurukulam Environment.I have heared few vocals & instrumental musics its good but not enough.

As a layman i could found many flaws , but loved one thing these young muscian's are making our culture allive and can potentially carry the same to the forth coming generation as well.So we must applause to all of them.

Today i visited Cholamandalam Arts Village in injambakkam,which is close to Mamallapuram.As a friend of mine, who is artist by profession.
His name is- Mr.Amirthalingam.
he has done both his BFA& MFA from college of arts chennai.He is a man of silence but his art speaks louder .Know him past several years i have seen him doing live portrait.Really good at line drawing.Since after long time i met him today. he is grown up,so don't want to put him in a shell...he just enjoy his creativity and seems live in spontaneity. He also mentioned he worked few tamil films as art director.What i personnaly like in him is his simplicity and down to earth approach.Wish him to set some mile stone in 'contemporary art'.

This group show done by 3-other budding artist with Amir.So, it is named as 'CHATUR'( sanscrith-chatur means-4)

Venu place: AT Cholamandal Centre for Contemporary Art (CCCA) at. Cholamandal Artists' Village, Injambakkam, Chennai – 600 041.
Time: 9 am to 7 Pm till 29th December.

As a art critic i must submit my observation in a professional terms here.
Amirthanlingam's (Artist,chennai)-
Work can be divided into two categories:The more spontaneous ink drawings from his village,and the painted compositions bordering on dream-reality.Political concerns,effacing rural beliefs and rustic eldorado,find place on his canvas.In his paintings he uses a hybrid style,mixing real images such as skulls and crows,with dream colours such as pink placid sky and illuminated peacock,thus lending surrealism to his paintings.His 'ink-works' in black radiate energy and express a joy of village life.

Amirthalingam was taught by Mr.Chandru, Ex-principle of college of arts.While i am in deep conversation with him, he has immense gratitude for Mr.Chandru and the Late-World renowend artist Mr.Santhanakrishnan.
I too have seen Late- Santhankrishnan work , i am no way eligible to speak/comment are say anything about his work...he is the reall master in arts i have seen..That too the line drawings the depth he shows in all his art form is simply mind blowing.He lived for arts.The chennai college of fine arts has produced many wonderfull artist to our indian art community.

i must mention few facts about this art village.
Next time when you ahppen to be in chennai do visit here.
The Cholamandam Artists Village, situated about 9 kms from Chennai city is a haven for art lovers and artisans alike. Way back in 1964, the principal and students of the Madras School of Arts and Crafts set up this institution that has come to be recognized as a significant school of art and crafts.At that time, there were no institution or outlet for those seeking to pursue a career in arts. The Late K.C.S Paniker was one of the pioneering spirits behind the Cholamandalam Arts Village in Chennai. Artists live as a community and pooled together their skills and resources.The Cholamandalam Arts Village has a permanent art gallery to hold exhibitions. Sculptures made of granite; wood, copper and bronze are created within the Artists Village. The open-air theater is a platform for performing artists or even poetry reading sessions and dance recitals.Indian arts such as batik and pottery and painting are seen in the myriad articles and works done by the artists of the Cholamandalam village. You can view or purchase interesting pieces in terracotta and batik. In fact Cholamandalam has grown to be an important hub or meeting place for international artistes in sylvan surroundings. ( one must see the lanscape...very amazing it is.)

Above all i enjoyed my day with artist also met a artist who is currently in Singapore.Close to this gallery beach is there.I went and enjoyed my play in beach.