Friday, December 12, 2008



A vase

Blending beauty with usefulness

A fish and sting ray mural

A smoky quartz from Brazil

A few “paintings”

Sample of Stephanoceras sp. Aalenian, Inferior Oolite, Somerset,
about 165 mil. years old.

Geo Decor specimens adorn this Southern California home
(Interior by Adams Architects)

Fossil Fish mural, by Tom Lindgren

These are the fossils art displays.These fossils are preserved for a longer is a real animal,fish,tress/plants and many other organisms. The organisims which will conditioned by the nature and found under the earth or river beds etc. will become a fossils after a longer time.when we found it and we identify these in many of the forms is an art form.
The Archeologist,Geologist and Anthropologist use the same fossils for different purpose of research(corbon aging) of the evoluation and so on

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