Saturday, March 14, 2009


Lascaux Cave Paintings

These paintings , is a cave at Lascaux, France, were drawn by stone Age people called
-> Cro-Magnons as much as 25,000 years ago.
On the cave walls are about 100 drawings of various animals, one of them an ox like beast called an aurochs. Some of the paintings are 20 feet high, and many of them show that the articles had remarkable skill.Caves at Altamira also contain many paintings. In an area that extends from southwest France to northern Spain there are a great many caverns that have ancient wall paintings and also some sculptures. The earliest were found in 1879, but no one accepted them as prehistoric paintings until intense studies were made of some of the more recent discoveries.
The orgin of the gave paintings is still unknown...when it exactly begin..still going back long long long long ago...some says it started -10,000 years back,others says,even 25000 back or more...
Let it go...gos on.
SOURCE: From The Illuisionist.

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