Saturday, March 28, 2009


Pot paintings is one of the very old forms of art around the world.
it is belived that,since the begining of our civilisation the Terrocotta kind of pots has been used to preserve the seeds.The farmers used to keep the seed in a very huge pots which contains a hole on the bottom.They pour the seed from the top of the pot and draw the seed out from the bottom hole as and when they need it in a smaller quantity for cultivation.These pots are very precious for them,(because it is storing the seeds; which is going to provide food for many years to come) they just decorate these pots with some paintings on top of it.
Usually the paint they use for this pot paintings are nothing but a kind of herbal mixure with herbal oil.(oil paintings). The Neem is one of the main content of this mixture.This paintings are not just alone for decorationg these pots but also protecting the pots.The herbal paint act as a insecticide/pesticide and protect the seeds within.The paint fill the micro holes of these pot and make it free from micro insects and also protect it from various claimatical changes.So the seed can stay safe for much longer time.
The images usually the make on these pots are like sun,moon,river,cattle animals,tree's,plants,flowers,rain,mountain's,festivals,seasons etc. They are the worshipers of the nature.Latter on this has been on a custom to draw some paintings on these pots and still the same is continued even today in some of the primitative places.
Today even in our modern homes we can see the pot paintings are in place to decorate the house's.Especialy in many 'Hotel Reception' we can see this pot paintings.i have seen this pot paintings in many parts of india especially in orissa,gujrat and vizag.

The pot are many kinds.Terrakotta,Ceramics pots,Plaster of parris pots,Mud pot,Metal pots and so on.

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