Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have recived these indian paintings through emails.The paintings shown here are really amazing..As usual i have no words to complete my fullest Apreciation to these paintings.i even Don't know the artist's names who created this marvelous paintings.All i can say from bottom of my heart is let them live a longer life and pass this art to the forth coming generations..let this art continue forever..Let the art historian who is going to come on this planet interpret the human evoluation through these art forms...
Let us leave all good impression for the present and the future which is going to come.

The study of Art history is one of the facinating studies like Anthropology and other subjects.The art historians will preserve these kind of paintings which will be carried away by them to the future.
In today's world ,we have excellent market potential for ARTS.There are many corporate companies are there to promote/sell exclusively for this purpose.The art/paintings are sold for millions dollars. Many Great art museums can afford to buy a quality artwork from any where.Even many individual investors are also showing great intrest to invest in artworks as a business.(Good amount return on investments) The advancement of technology to preseve These art work are also gone to the heights.So it is the boon time for art.

We all are aware about the "Da Vinci Code". Imagine after few hundreds of year a single painting can reaveal/concealed within so much of information..infact the a part of history can be sensed through a good quality paintings.A very few artist has this quality and Leonardo Da Vinci is one among them.

What i am here trying to say unto you is nothing but..the real art work ,by the quality artist can go beyond..many generations..,many cultures..,many race's..., Etc. It has no barriers,no one can put it down or suppress's...The art will 'sur-pass' everthing.Thats how we still wonder/appreciate the Monalisa work/piccasso work/Michel angelo work/Ravi varma works even today.



Marina said...

long time since I wrote you last. I've been watching your blogs all the way long. This indian paintings are very good. I wish to come to India sometimes

Dr.G.RAMANI said...

Great to hear from you. Glad to hear your wish to visit india,you are always welcome.